Today, on the internet industry, Brave has gained very much popularity. It can replace Google Chrome in future. You can use this browser as your regular browser. If you check the Google Chrome Vs Brave comparison then you will notice several unique and wonderful features in the Brave Browser.

Are you looking for a wonderful browser for your personal and commercial use? The majority of the users want to know that what is new and different in this browser. If it is your first time and you want to know something unique and new in this browser then you need to read this brave browser review. Some of the important benefits of using it are given below.

Download Brave Browser

Default Ad blocker

One of the most vital benefits of using Brave browser is that it comes with the default Ad blocker. Yes, the majority of the users is tired of due to the pop ups and ads come on their screens when they are using internet. This browser is great for protecting you from this fuss. So, the use of this browser is really great for you, if you are finding something new, that it automatically blocks ads.

Now, you do not need to look for the web for an effective ad blocker. The auto-blocking saves your system from extensive tracking and malware. You know that many advertisers track your address and send you ads. Now, you are free to use internet without any tensions of ads.

Improve your privacy

If you are using brave web browser, you can hide your ID while internet surfing because this browser allows safe browsing. By using this browser, you are safe because no one can track your activities. In the setting tab, it is easy to activate.

Quick and Fast

Brave is lack of 3rd Party ads. Yes, the brave internet browser is quick to increase the ads on the website. The majority of the users face the issue of slow loading of the websites but Brave browser does not give you this tough time. So, enjoy your browsing online without making any delay with good speed.

You Get Paid to Browser

This is one of the best features that makes it highly special for you. No, it is not a dream because your browser will pay you. You need to get the Brave ads. Get 15% of the revenue if you view the ad. This is the opportunity for those, who need to earn money by using internet. So, you can get the payments in the form of BAT tokens. On the other hand, content creators will get the support for their content. These payments are issued to the user on the monthly basis. You can easily convert in USD.

If you do not want to view the ads or do not want to earn BAT then you can download brave browser without ads. No doubt, you will enjoy the best and unique net surfing experience. It is not mandatory.