Brave Browser is famous for offering ad blocker and trackers. It does a great job about keeping pop-up windows under control. Yes, it is a fact that ocean of pop-up windows invade your traditional browsing work shows a problem that entire of the default setting is in disarray. There some handy brave browser tips to deal with the annoying advertisements. In this way, you will be able to get rid of these ads and pop ups. These pop-ups and ads are not only annoying but these are harmful for your system and work.

When you click or visit the page, it opens something unexpected. This can be harmful for you. It can be wrong for your business. So, you definitely want to get rid of these items. Do not let your business objectives ruin your relationship with your users. The goodwill, the trust and the relationship is everything. It is quite easy to understand. There are several big dangers to display interruptive content on your websites, pay walls, registrations and pop up ads. All these are disturbing for you and all the users. So, you need to get rid of these pop-ups.

Hackers get access to your system by getting your IP address and with these pop-ups. In this way, get the details of your browser history and other details.

How to fix it?

  • Use the Tools to hide your IP address
  • Use public or Free WiFi
  • Proxy server
  • Tor
  • VPN service

Brave browser comes with the privacy tools and you get anonymity. This makes your secure and safe from the hackers. We are living in the world where cyber-crimes are common. You have to know the ways and devices to protect yourself from it. Do you know programmers, hack your framework for wholesale fraud? Would you like to realize how to shield your framework from malware and digital assault?

Hacker buys the advertising spaces on the websites. When users click these ads, they may get directed to the page that is malware infected. An adware or malware is installed your computer automatically.

How to fix it?

  • Never click the ads

How to block the pop ups?

If you want to block these notifications by default then you need to follow the following steps.

  • Get access to the main Menu
  • Now Go to the Navigate to Settings, Advanced, Privacy/Security, Content Settings
  • Now click on the icon and set to the blocked

After the doing this, you will get rid of the notifications or the pop-ups from the website. It is a simple to utilize instrument that can record the strokes and key arrangement of your console into a log document on your framework. These documents may incorporate you passwords, email IDs and individual information. It is renowned with the name of the console catching. It very well may be equipment and programming. The product based projects hit the introduced record in the PC framework. The equipment contraptions target sensors, cell phones, electromagnetic emanations and keyboard.