Brave browser is one of the few browsers introduced that are care for customer’s privacy. It works quite fast and allows the users to search and browse on a platform that is safe. There are no threats like of data collection by different campaigns or the danger of getting hacked. Apart from these benefits, brave browser also allows one to claim free BAT.

Some of you might be confused about the term BAT. Basic attention token is an Ethereum token used in order to power the software of Brave browser. The software is based on block-chain digital advertising. Getting or earning BAT is quite easy on brave browser. The users browse and surf on the internet using brave browser and they have an option of replacing ads viewed to them with the ads of brave network. In this way, they receive BAT from the advertisers.

The whole process of earning free BAT requires one to use User Growth Pool on brave browser. And through UGP you get free BAT but cannot withdraw them to your own personal wallet. Instead, you use and get the BAT to donate them to your favorite websites. These websites include YouTube or twitter, etc.

Download Brave Browser

The first step towards earning BAT is installing brave browser. Download it on your desktop and open it. On opening the browser, you will see a BAT icon on right top corner. Click the icon. On clicking the BAT icon, a small box will display on your screen. Search for the option named “join rewards”. Once the option is in front of you, select it. The popup displayed on your screen will disappear. Now reopen the BAT notification window once again to acknowledge it.

One thing to keep in mind is that BAT just have a limited supply. You have to keep a check on it so you may know whether the supply is still there or ran out. Now click the BAT icon and select “ok”.

Now again click the BAT icon on right corner and a pop-up will appear on your screen. Go to the reward settings again and claim your grant present in the reward settings. For this, select the option “claim” that will open up in a new window once you open reward setting through BAT icon.  After selecting claim, the system will ask you to prove whether you are a human or not. For proving it, click the BAT logo and hold it. Continue holding it and start dragging it. Drag and post it to the color triangle.

All these instructions for proving you are not a machine will be present in front of you on the screen.

When the process is completed, you will receive your token grant. Now, you can view your BAT tokens in your brave browser’s wallet and keep a check on your BAT balance. You can use this BAT balance on different websites as there are many websites who accept these BAT tokens as payments.