Brave browser was released and founded by Brendan Eich and Brian Bondy in 2015 and has been used since that time. With its effective working, the popularity of this browser started increasing day by day. It has its own search engine named Qwant. The search engine and the browser, both had the same aim. Both of them were mainly focused on providing the users with a platform that is safe to use. It is one of the main reasons behind the increased attention of users towards this browser more than the others. The browser provides the user with a safe and secure platform. There is no threat of the data to get hacked. Not only this, it also does not allow any kind of data collection by the sites or other campaigns. As safety is also the priority of the users, they prefer the browser like brave with a strong security system.

One another and quite famous benefit of this browser is its power of ad blocking. You can see the list of all the sites and ads that are blocked by the browser itself. Apart from that site, it provides you the opportunity of blocking all the sites that you want to be blocked. You can remove all the ads of other network programs as much as you want to.

When coming to the question whether it is free or is there a cost for the browser, the answer is that it is free and an open source. The only thing you have to do is to install it on your desktop, mobile, or the platform you are using. You can go to any site of your choice offering you the opportunity to download the application and simply download it. Once done, run the file and install the browser on your screen. Afterwards, it’s all yours and you can use it for free whenever you want.

Download Brave Browser


A surprising fact of using a brave browser is that it requires none of your money but can be a source for you to earn. For this, you have to register your site on YouTube as a publisher. Once done with this, you will start receiving Basic Attention Token from the browser simply known as BAT. It is received when any person uses a brave browser to search your website or watches your videos on the YouTube channel where your site is registered. Brave browser uses a service for sending Basic Attention Token to your wallet known as Uphold. You can claim them through a BAT icon present at the right top corner of the browser. For converting the BAT, you receive through Uphold to any other currency, you have to create an Uphold account.

Keep in mind that when you make an Uphold account, you will have to share a lot of personal information like your bank information including your account number, your social security number, ID number, and one of your pictures.