Nowadays, the Brave browser has gained a lot of attention as compared to other browsers due to its unusual business model. In essence, it removes advertisements from sites, replaces them with its own ads, after that permits the users to send money to the websites they like.  

With an increase in popularity, more people are coming towards Brave. Here are some frequently asked questions which people mostly ask when they are new to this browser.

  1. What makes Brave different from other browsers?

Brave constitutes of anti-ad attitude, and this aspect makes it different. The browser was initiated to strip the online ads from various sites, and its creator’s model of the business depends on only on blocking ads but on substituting the old advertisements with the ads from its own network.

  • Does Brave block advertisements in the search results?

No, Brave cannot lay a finger in these, including the universal ads of AdWords within the results of Google. Soon, Google will rebrand AdWords as ‘Google Ads.’ There is no surprise: the ad blocking extensions cannot pause the search ads either.

  • How can I download Brave?

You can visit the brave browser website of Brave Software and download it from there.

This page can check the operating system of your device automatically and provides you with a suitable version. If this cannot work, you can choose from the options at the page’s bottom: Linux x64 for Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Fedora, and Debian, macOS 10.9, or Windows x64 or Windows x86, Windows 7, or later.

You can also download Brave from Google Play and App Store on your mobile phone.

  • Can Brave run Chrome’s extensions?

Only a few Chrome extensions work in Brave, not many.

They involve add-ons for different third-party password managers – LastPass, Dashlane, Bitwarden, and 1Password – along with other that show PDFs in the browser and secure content for reading later. You can check a list of suitable add-ons in the browser by selecting ‘Extensions’ from the Window menu.

  • For privacy and speed, what makes Brave unique?

It is right that some of the significant browsers block some kind of ads, including Chrome and Firefox. But no browser can go as far as Brave. Brave serves as the best tool for speed and privacy. You can trust blindly in it.

  • What is the best advantage of using the Brave browser?

As compared to other browsers that help in blocking ads, Brave offers the best alternative ad ecosystem for the trackers and advertisements it wipes off the sites.

What Brave does is it will scrub the websites of ad tracking and ads; after that, it replaces the advertisements with its own, which cannot be targeted but rather aimed at an aggregate for the user base of the browser.

  • How will Brave and its consumers’ pay’ sites?

The base of Brave economy is BAT “Basic Attention Tokens,” consisting of a value gained from a cyber-currency. These tokens will be given depending on the user’s attention, or the time spent viewing content and ads. The Brave users who like to get ads will be awarded BATs.

These are the common FAQs that everyone wants to know before start using Brave.