Founded by Brendan Eich and Brian Bondy in 2015, it aimed to solve one of the biggest issues faced by people while browsing on the internet. You might be wondering about what the problem is. It is excessive advertising that can be annoying for many people. Brave browser served to solve this problem. Because of this, the browser began to gain quite popularity among users. People started ditching different browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox. Their attention began diverting towards the brave browser. The biggest of the many reasons is its strong security system and allowance of private browsing.

Although Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers and is dominating in many ways, it has different drawbacks as well. One of them is the most attractive advantage of a brave browser and that is the excessive amount of ads. Google Chrome keeps a check on the online activity of its users. Other than this, the basic aim of Google Chrome is to gather as much information about its users so that they can present them with the relevant ads. It sucks up as much information it can about the activities of individuals on the browser. Because of this, people do not feel safe to use this application for surging through the internet. And this is where Brave browser under the spotlight comes.

Download Brave Browser

When you install and open a brave browser, it gives the same look as that of Chrome. It means that they are almost similar visually. So if you are aware about how to use Google chrome, you will not find difficulty in using Brave browser. Although they both are similar in looks, the brave browser has a much stronger security system than that of Chrome. Through brave, one has not to worry about their data collection or other harm like that of getting hacked. It blocks many of the sites and the list of blocked sites is present on the browser. Apart from that, it allows its users to block the sites of their choice.

To make its security system even strong, it has other protections present within it. One of them is that it features HTTPS everywhere. Through this feature, the websites are forced to default to an encrypted connection whenever the user access them. In this way, all your surfing and searching of the data on those sites remain private and secure from your ISP. Other browsers require users to download HTTPS everywhere manually as unlike brave browsers, they do not provide this option.

Brave browser also has one other feature making privacy protection even stronger. It has its fingerprints protection that are built within the browser. With the help of this feature, you are protected from different advertisers and other data firms that can track you while you surf on the web. They can track you through different characteristics of your computer like your screen size, the fonts installed, and others. Third party cookies are also blocked by the browser by default. Hence, Brave browser is considered by many users who wish to keep their data secure.