The choice of an appropriate web browser always leaves the users in an anxious state and setting up the perfect one as a default is surely a bigger deal than it seems. The choice of a perfect web browser always varies from person to person due to the different priorities. Each web browser has its own specialty like some browser guarantees the best surfing and browsing experience free of cost, some mark themselves differently in terms of speed and some offer the privacy and anonymity to its users. But if you are looking for all in one browser then you are at the right place as we have epitomized the specs and features of the newly released web browser “Brave Browser” which claims to take care of everything you need for your perfect browsing.

Download Brave Browser

Brave Browser guarantees to offer high-quality browsing at an expeditious speed with its best slogan of “no ad at all”. Brave browser has first released its web browser which is based on the Chromium browser.

Brave browser has made the promise of fulfilling your fantasy of seamless web surfing which will not be interrupted by any kind of promotions, advertisements, and popups. Apart from this, another exciting feature of a brave web browser is that you will not be in dark about the ads that your web browser is blocking. You will be able to view the number of ads that your browser is blocking for your perfect browsing experience. In addition to this, the brave browser takes care of your privacy and making sure that no website is following your personal and private information. The brave web browser has earned fame by its mind-blowing feature of blocking ad-trackers. Brave identifies the advertisements and promotions that breach your privacy and blocks them by default.

Another feature of the brave web browser which has grasped a lot of attention from the users is of Basic Attention Tokens (BAT). You might have not heard about these tokens before but there is no need to waste your time on researching these from various websites as we have all the details of these little tokens of blessings. Your browsing can now make you earn in the form of basic attention tokens. You just have to create a wallet on installation which will keep your brave cryptocurrency i.e. basic attention tokens (BAT) safe. Furthermore, you can also earn more rewards by watching privacy-respecting advertisements. For the time being, you can only “tip” also known as contribute your rewards to your favorite YouTube channel or website. Founders have announced that you will soon be able to buy gifts and promotion cards by using these tokens.

All these interesting features are surely a great deal offered free-of-cost to the internet community. 

So, what is all this wait for? Visit the official website of Brave Browser and give your surfing a new, fast and secure dimension. We promise that you will not regret the decision of downloading this all-rounder browser.