Your boundless and selfless love for Safari is understandable as trusting other browsers on your valuable mac device requires more courage. But do you know that you are missing out on some great crazy stuff by sticking to this conventional browser? If yes, then you don’t have to stay in dark more as we have this exceptional and all in one browser for you which has earned the respect of the internet community in no time. Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about a brave browser here.

Download Brave Browser For Mac Now

You can free yourself from the dull and tedious interface of your safari browser as brave has an interesting user interface for its users. You can see the interesting icons everywhere on the browser and can get entertained by the full-customization offered in the settings of the brave browser. The user interface of the brave browser looks great and lively on the mac devices.

In addition to this, even if you are using Chrome or Mozilla apart from the mac default browser Safari, you are more vulnerable to the malware trackers. The question arises, how? You can easily get tracked by those clingy and frequently re-appearing advertisements and pop-ups which have hidden some malicious trackers under their disguise. But with brave, you will not have to worry about your anonymity and privacy as the brave browser will shield you from all those privacy-breaching software and will block them from tracking your activity on the browser. Not only this but with brave you can also get the record of all those malicious ads, popups, and scripts, etc.

Speed is another entrancing and exemplary feature of brave which has helped it to gain the respect of many tech enthusiasts and contributors. Brave browser guarantees to provide the 4-6 times faster speed than the other mainstream browsers. Is it really true? Let us tell you. The speed of web page loading is directly proportional to the size and quality of the content present on that web page. Brave skims out all the irritating and itchy advertisements from the webpage and leaves the quality content for its users, thus boosts up the speed of page loading to the 4-6 times. Now, you don’t really have to wait for your favorite webpages to load as Brave has figured out the fastest loading way for you.

Download Brave Browser For Mac Now

Brave browser has also come up with the out of the box idea of earning money from browsing and surfing. You can install the brave browser on your Mac machine and can earn the brave rewards from your mindless surfing and streaming. Brave browser has introduced its own cryptocurrency which is called Brave Attention Tokens (BAT) that users can easily use to support their favorite websites and YouTube channels. Right now, you can only perform these mentioned actions from these attention tokens but Brave is also planning to partner with the digital currency exchangers so that users can convert these tokens into the actual money.

There is no need to wait for more for getting the best browsing experience as the brave browser is only one click away. Visit its official website and get the brave browser as soon as possible for your mac machine.